Barack and Michelle Obama to work for Netflix

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Barack and Michelle Obama go to programs and to produce films for Netflix. To this end they need the production company, Higher Ground Productions was founded.

That has Netflix announced. The Obama’s want to explore questions to them during the presidency of Barack involved. They emphasize that the platform does not want to use it for a campaign against Donald Trump, or to their criticising conservative media such as Fox News. Critics felt that the former president since his departure from the White House too much in the background kept.

“One of the small things that made us happy, made during my presidency, was that we have many fascinating people you have met from all walks of the society and to share their experiences with a larger audience to share. Therefore, Michelle and I are so happy that we with Netflix will work together. We hope to have the talented, inspiring and creative voices to cultivate so that we have more empathy and understanding between people can create and to help them develop their stories with the world to be able to share,” said Barack Obama.

Financial details about the partnership are not given, but according to the New York Times is going to be tens of millions over several years. Also, it is not yet known when the first production of the Obama’s to show up on Netflix.

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