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Antwerp wins for the second time in four days from Ostend in Euromillions Basketball League

e98df40de80b81bc289ac6810ed716db - Antwerp wins for the second time in four days from Ostend in Euromillions Basketball League

Antwerp has the regular competition at the highest national basketbalafdling ended with an 88-80 victory against the leader Oostende. Last Friday was the number two in the standings, also on the coast go and win the champion. When was the 73-79.

In the top match of the 36th and last weekend was Antwerp in the interval one point (42-41). The third quarter (21-21) changed nothing. Only in the slotkwart (25-18) could Antwerp to make a difference. Hans Vanwijn was with 18 points the top scorer in Antwerp. Jason Clark (16), Ismael Bako (14), and Kingsley, Moses (13) were also above the 10 points. Among the visitors was Jean Salumu, also with 18 points, the best shot.

Aalstar took with a 92-70 victory against Charleroi ample revenge for the 86-65 defeat on Friday suffered in Hainaut. when the rest had the East-flanders in their sheep all on the dry land: 44-19. With 15 points, had Olivier Troisfontaines has the largest share in the victory. Mountains won after an extension with 85-84 Willebroek, Limburg United went with 92-112 down against Liege. Brussels was 98-62 the points at home against red lantern Leuven. The ranking was for the last day already in its final fold cases: Oostende ends with 65 points, for Antwerp, (63), Charleroi (61), Aalstar (59), Mountain (56), Limburg (52), Willebroek (49), Brussels (48), Liège (44) and Leuven (43).

In the first round of the play-offs (best of 3) takes Ostend on Brussels, Antwerp against Willebroek, Charleroi against the province of Limburg and Aalstar against Mountains. The heenwedstrijden be Saturday, may 26 played, the terugwedstrijden Monday 28 may. Any belles to follow on Wednesday, may 30.

Last year it was Ostend and Brussels are still in the finals against each other, now they meet each other already in the quarter-finals. Brussels had a very disappointing season. Ostend seemed this season, then again untouchable, but after 22 victories in a row choked the engine. Finally ended the kustploeg with 29 victories and 7 defeats. If Oostende in the hunt for a nineteenth national championship, the seventh in a row, the first hurdle will take it in the semi-finals (best of 3) against Aalstar, or Mountains. Antwerp is only in the final review.

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