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According to McAfee, Bitcoin Private (BTCP) will be held Monero for the Deep Web used

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John McAfee is a well-known celebrity for decades, enter in the digital world. The British-American programmer and entrepreneur, is best known for the founding of the first Anti-Virus Software known.

Always eccentric, and controversial, McAfee has made himself known to be one of the most famous proponents of crypto-currencies. His Position as an experienced entrepreneur brings a hint of credibility about the industry.

McAfee recently stated that he believe that Bitcoin Private would soon become the most common currency of the Deep Web. The Dark Web is a subset of the Deep Web that is less accessible, but also much more private than Standard web pages. From his point of view, the new Bitcoin Fork “serious technology”, which should be taken very seriously.

The idiosyncratic Cybersecurity-Star is a well-known Bitcoin Fan. He recently said in an Interview that Bitcoin Private (BTCP) is his favorite-Bitcoin-Fork, and that the improvements to the Fork to make it a better Alt-coin than Monero. In fact, he said BTCP improvements to make “Bitcoin for the superior Monero.”

McAfee revealed his opinion on Bitcoin Private in an Interview with the YouTube channel CWN. He explained that he was very optimistic for BTCP, since the crypto-currency people with different opinions offer an Alternative.

He went on to explain BTCP as his personal favorite-Bitcoin-Fork, and defended it against critics who call it a Scam. He supported the Token with the statement that “serious technology” behind it, and that he Bitcoi improve by giving it what it has always needed (total anonymity, most likely).

According to Mr. McAfee Monero because of the privacy it offers users, the preferred currency of the Dark Web. He believes that Bitcoin will replace Private Monero as the new currency of choice in this environment, as the technology and the privacy that it offers are even better.

The BTCP-community interpreted the declarations of the cyber security pioneer as a bullish development. Others argued that they would have to get rid of their crypto-currency, while the situation deteriorated.

Mr. McAfee has advertised in the past digital currencies for money what is a well-known fact. Just this year he has advertising for every Tweet $ 105.000 calculated.

Verge (XVG) benefited mainly from Mr. McAfee’s bullish statements, even more than Monero and Zcash (ZEC).

In his CWN Interview with Mr. Macaffe said to XVG implicitly pejorative, since it does not offer the users the possibility to act in private. He claimed that this function “add complexity and confusion”.

As I write this, the price of BTCP in 21,64 $ and has fallen since yesterday to 3,90%. The last Time Mr. McAfee expressed such Positive words in favour of XVG, increased the price of the currency very quickly to one hundred percent. So we can hold you to the same look-out.

McAfee is a Bull known to on Bitcoin. He estimates the price of Bitcoin to 1 Million dollars up to the end of the year 2020. He insists on this forecast.

He could be right – a web site that followed his prediction that Bitcoin’s price is currently only 9.2% below the price level that McAfee’s prediction is true.

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