Who will get the highest notes in the repertoire Jasper Steverlinck?

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“These songs are really a pleasure to cover.” With this statement of Cocojr. all for the Love of Music-artists the on Monday 21 may 2018 even if they are in the repertoire of Jasper Steverlinck into it. With his flawless engelenstem makes Jasper week after week, the impression on average 820.396 viewers (live +7) and to his fellow-artists. “Jasper is the best singer that I know of,” says Helmut Lotti. And that admiration rises only if it turns out that Jasper is with his voice to a whopping 131 decibels it produces. That the votes of his colleagues seriously the height will have to address, is also fixed.

The striking voice of Jasper was to hear for the first time in his rock band Arid. And also those hits get in for the Love of Music, a whole new jacket. “This is very exciting because the songs of the Arid to my knowledge, never covered,” said Jasper. Silvy take on a classic: You Are from 2002. “My favorite Arid-song”, sounds. She surprises her colleagues again, with a bold and sexy version. Also Cocojr. choose an Arid-klepper. He injects a touch of reggae in Seven Odd Years. Niels Destadsbader choose If You Go. “This song I had as the first to finish because I immediately heard.” With his version, If You are Going to score, he again with the whole group.

K’s Choice took one of Jasper’s most recent hits on their hands. They bring with je Ne Rêve Plus De Toi, for the first time a French song, their version of ” That’s Not How Dreams Are Made. A touch of Elvis, a little Roy Orbison, a little Johnny Cash and a dash of Willy DeVille: that is where Helmut Lotti with extract. He also chose I Need Your Love a song from Jaspers most recent album. “I had the idea to have the number as high to sing as you do, what is extremely difficult. So those who are going to die, salute you.” Sharon will finally go back to 2015 and brings a symphonic version of the track Things That I Should Have Done.

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