Venezuela: US sabotage our elections

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CARACAS – Venezuela, the United States accused that the presidential elections of Sunday sabotage. The U.S. has new sanctions brought against high-ranking members of the ruling Socialist Party. The Venezuelan opposition says the elections by the government of socialist president Nicolas Maduro are manipulated to such a great victory.

Nicolas Maduro

According to the U.S. benefit Venezuela of illegal drug trafficking. Previously accused the U.S. Maduro also all of the violation of human rights, and the Americans Maduro as the man who Venezuela into an economic and political crisis has made a deposit.

Maduro calls the new sanctions “a systematic campaign of aggression of the government of president Donald Trump, that each legal basis is missing”. Further, said Maduro , not surprised about the timing of the measures, which come at the time that the citizens of their democratic right to defend.

The Venezuelan opposition calls the election “a charade”.

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