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Venezuela: the government opened up the school to citizens in crypto-currencies to

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Currently, there seems to be no day in the crisis-hit country, Venezuela, where there are no new headlines about crypto-currencies. The President read now open in the capital, Caracas, a school, buy the inhabitants of everything important around the issues of crypto-currencies, crypto-currencies, sell, Mining and, of course, all the important facts to teach to the country’s own digital currency.

After the ICO of the Petro (digital currency of Venezuela) was a powerful success, with more than $ 735 million collected could be declared Nicolas Maduro to be another crypto-currency. This should not be the result of Oil reserves in the country covered, but by Gold.

Contrary to all the resistance he drove further measures prior to the Petro in the country. Venezuelan banks are currently encouraged to use the crypto-currency as also to participate in the Mining.

However, for normal citizens to get easier access to the topic of crypto-currencies, was opened in Caracas, a training centre, free courses on the topic in General, as well as to the country offering their own digital currency, Petro.

How reported to have informed a teacher of the school told Reuters on Friday: (free Translation):

We hope to be able by this measure, the Knowledge of new technologies and methods of the population make them more accessible.

It is essential that all courses are offered free of charge, as particularly younger people are interested in those topics. Normally such courses up to $ 800 costs, which do not have the people but just would.

Carmen Salvador (school teacher) explained to the Reporter, in addition, that currently five ASIC Miner, as well as some PeriCoin Miner be used for 15 days. The resulting Knowledge is transferred to all the participants of the courses of the school.

The President is working to provide in addition to the fact financial resources for universities in order to install Mining farms.

Venezuela is a very offensive way, and taking other steps, the adaptation of Cryptocurrencies in the simple population, as well as other areas of the country, such as, for example, the education, forward.

The last of the Turkey as well as Iran had announced to want your own crypto-currency. Venezuela to assume a pioneering role, which could be followed by other countries in this regard.

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