Van der Vaart with rotgevoel away at Midtjylland

7ee03955915c1fc4c7932d8c5a358e80 - Van der Vaart with rotgevoel away at Midtjylland

Rafael van der Vaart stands for a leaving FC Midtjylland. His transfer to the Danish club is a disappointment uitgelopenden

Rafael van der Vaart

Van der Vaart made in 2016, the move from Real Betis to Midtjylland and advance and feel good about his choice. Nevertheless, he sat mainly on the couch.

“When you’re a player like me, it would be logical if one thinks: ‘We have Rafa and we know what he is capable of. We have our team around them to build.’ That I was expecting, but it’s not gone,” said Van der Vaart in conversation with Herning Folkeblad.
“I’ve actually never had a real chance,” continues the former Orange-international, which by the way never officially said goodbye to the national team. Van der Vaart this summer looking for a new club.

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