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Ubcoin crypto currency-commodity exchange launches ICO

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Until the middle of July 2018 you can participate in the Token sale of Ubcoin, a Blockchain platform that uses a model of Online market places like Amazon, Etsy, and eBay, to create the world’s first truly effective Alternative to traditional crypto-exchanges.

Ubcoin users will be able to acquire crypto-currency simply by selling real Goods and crypto assets. And all this without Fiat money for crypto currency exchange. Basically, this is a first solution in which the people no paper need money as an entry level to buy crypto-currency.

Around the world hundreds of millions of people are interested in crypto currencies and want to get started in the crypto currency market. But this is not so easy. Crypto Mining requires expensive Equipment and much technical Expertise.

Also, the existing Fiat / Crypto exchange methods are complex and not 100% sure. In addition, complex registration procedures and the KYC (if you want Fiat money) must be observed. It is quite ironic that in spite of the high complexity of the financial sector and the widespread use of modern payment technologies there is still no simple way that any normal citizen understands and is able to go, regardless of how much he knowledge brings.

If you would like to exchange on one of the many traditional crypto exchanges euros or Dollars to BTC or ETH, before you have two main problems:

  1. Very few traditional Kryptowähurngsbörsen have a legal Status, and even those platforms that have made the effort to establish a formal, can still be no guarantees. No one and nothing regulates the exchange, and therefore, their customers have no idea where your money is stored and whom they should contact if something happens. Some of the incidents happen on a regular basis: exchanges will be hacked and closed, when the users lose all their savings.

2. To buy a considerable amount of crypto-currency on such a platform, you need to be a thorough KYC-verification, that is, you must give your complete personal data. What, in Essence, the concept of user anonymity – one of the main advantages of decentralised technologies – from the window throws. And if you use one of the few exchanges that allow users to Deposit with credit cards crypto-Wallets, banks and state Supervisory authorities to have an Overview about you.

If the transactions between two private individuals includes a crypto-currency exchange decide to use, you may be with problems of fraud faced. For example, you negotiate with another user of such a platform: you want to buy a certain amount of BTC, which is a certain amount of Dollar value. You transfer the money, and unfortunately, it’s not often that the party complies with its obligation to and pays. Apart from that, it could turn out that your “partners” received money from a terrorist group, what would make you automatically a criminal Person who is for the authorities of interest to you. And of course, these transactions usually take place in public spaces, which deprives them of the right to anonymity.

Furthermore, there are 23 million crypto-currency owners who can’t pay off your money because of restrictions imposed by governmental and financial organizations, just or pay only under the premise of very high taxes. You may have significant balances in BTC or ETH, but you need an easy-to-use way, these crypto-assets in real goods or services, since they would otherwise serve only as a store of value object.

Ubcoin “Crypto-to-Good Exchange” solves all these problems by a mixture between a crypto-stock exchange and a Peer-to-Peer creates a trading platform. Almost 2 billion people regularly shop online, and 60% of Internet users buy and sell with the Euro and the Dollar on platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and others.

Ubcoin builds on this well-known model and creates a platform on which real goods of quasi-cash and crypto-currency as a commodity. Ask your Smartphone for sale, find a buyer, get Ubcoin tokens and trade them for other crypto currencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. This is how it works. You are now a crypto-investor. From now on you can with your virtual money to buy all the Goods on Ubcoin, without you having to exchange your crypto balances in euros or dollars.

This model satisfies the needs of both potential as well as of the crypto investors exist, by solving the problems of crypto-currency exchanges. As a result, users get a legal, easy-to-use and fully-automated Instrument that protects you against fraud and scams, and their anonymity preserved.

All transaction data are stored in the Blockchain and all transactions are executed in accordance with the Smart Contracts to established Algorithms. There is no paper-money flow, therefore, the user need to give any KYC checks, and your personal data. Everything is legal and safe: A thorough Due Diligence conducted by the legal Department of Ubcoin, has not identified any direct conflicts with and violations of the laws of the countries in which the ownership of crypto-currencies.

The founder of Ubcoin hope that your platform is currencies getting started in the world of Crypto, as well as the process of the use of the crypto-wealth simplify, and that they will be witnesses to an integral part of a number of tools, which are used by the members of the world.

There are currently still 17% off the current token sale. For more information please have a look on this page:

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