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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey supports Bitcoin’s monopolization of the crypto-currency world

1821b6066ec674fe150aacf7eb8f3009 - Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey supports Bitcoin’s monopolization of the crypto-currency world

Twitter and Square Chief Executive Officer Jack Dorsey supports Bitcoin the Internet currency of the future. Dorsey said that he hopes that it will establish Bitcoin continues as the primary payment method. Digital currencies have developed in recent years, with the support of numerous people, experts and specialists from different companies. Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter and Square, recently said: “The Internet deserves a currency of their own, and I trust that it will be Bitcoin.”

On the stage of the Consensus conference in NYC, he said:

“The Internet will have its own currency, let us not wait, but let us help. I don’t know if it will be Bitcoin, I hope it is.“

On CNBC earlier, he said on Wednesday when he was asked for a crypto-currency which could take over the payment system on the Web: “I hope it will be Bitcoin. I’m a big Fan.“ According to him, Square, the payment processing company can be a avant-garde digital currency that is admitted as one of the methods of the global payment framework. He expressed that, if a cryptographer would be used skills money anywhere, it Square would make the entry into new markets.

“If we could now use Bitcoin as a currency, then we could publish our Apps in every App Store in the world, not just the five in which we find ourselves.”

Square launched in January with its Cash App, trading with crypto-currency. The company said it had sold in the first quarter, a total of 34.1 million dollars in Bitcoin. Square was 33.9 million dollars for the purchase of Bitcoins, individuals allow the exchange of the mobile Cash application. As a result, the due Bitcoin generated balanced sales only amounted to $ 200,000.

He also stated:

“We have led with this way of thinking. But there are still a lot of skepticism, a lot of discussion and a lot of fights. But this is where the magic happens, where creativity happens.“

Dorsey has also invested in Bitcoin, he expects the digital currency will be used to purchase simple things such as coffee. In addition, he explained that Blockchain technology and crypto-currencies, industries are revolutionizing. This year, Bitcoin has fallen by almost 40 percent and closed this Wednesday for a price of $ 8.260.

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