Trump: ‘I do official investigations, or the FBI, my campaign has spied on’

ec7f15288e9aad2c3ce92e1701039af1 - Trump: ‘I do official investigations, or the FBI, my campaign has spied on’

The Us president, Donald Trump has announced that he is to officially start the research into possible espionage in the FBI – at the request of staff of Barack Obama during his election campaign in 2016.

‘To this I ask, and I will also officially request tomorrow, that the ministry of Justice is examining whether the FBI and/or the ministry of Justice, the Trump campaign (2016, ed.) infiltrated or supervised for political purposes, and whether such claims or questions of staff of Barack Obama!’, tweette Trump Sunday evening (Belgian time).

Thus does the American president on what, according to him, a ‘witch hunt’ to ‘non-existent burden of proof ” for the Russian intervention during the recent U.s. elections. The FBI also uses information that dates from 2016 to the employees of Trump to investigate, that is, according to the president is a bridge too far.

‘Paid spy’

The tweet also comes just after the president of the Inlichtingencommissie in the House, Devin Nunes, had argued that American spionagediensten ‘the red line’ have been exceeded if it turns out that one of the spionagediensten a paid informant within the campaign team of Trump would have infiltrate. ‘

We can not yet determine whether such informant, there actually has been because the ministry of Justice and the FBI documents and retain them for us, ” said Nunes on Fox News. ‘This you can just not make during election campaigns.’

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