Trump calling about change of show North Korea

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SEOUL – The South Korean president, Moon Jae-in and president Donald Trump have Sunday telephone discussions conducted in order to ensure that the upcoming summit between North Korea and the US continue. North Korea threatened to withdraw from the dissatisfaction about the military exercises of the U.S. with South Korea.

Moon Jae-in, Donald Trump, Xi Jinping and Kim Jong-un.

Moon and Trump spoke about twenty minutes with each other and exchanged thoughts on the recent response from North Korea, according to the presidential office of South Korea without further on the matter.

,,The two leaders will work closely and purposefully together to the summit meeting between North Korea and the US on 12 June to make it a success. That also applies to the forthcoming meeting between South Korea and the U.S.’, said a spokesman.

Moon and Trump meet Tuesday in Washington, a few weeks before the summit of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un with Trump on June 12 in Singapore.

Change of show

Although a historic inter-Korean summit at the end of april hope on reconciliation gave us, North Korea over the past few days, a change from show to show. Pyongyang bothers more to the U.s. military maneuvers with South Korea. North Korea sees that as a provocation. The US claim that the military exercises are purely defensive in nature.

Also let North Korea know that the country is not interested in a summit meeting with the US when it comes to the ‘unilateral’ claim that the regime in Pyongyang about its nuclear weapons supply.

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