The County after two years back in Eredivisie

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The County then returns after two seasons back in the Premier league. The Superboeren klaarden the job in the return at De Vijverberg against Almere City FC: 2-1.

The County celebrates

The first match was 1-1 ended. The County began to be bad on the return in your own house, because Almere City got ten minutes for resting on lead. The these play-offs preeminent Silvester van der Water turned with a knockout away from two opponents and shot on goal. The County goalkeeper Filip Bednarek could be the bet still turn, but the rebound was easy prey for Jerge Hoefdraad: 0-1.

Suddenly ogled the Premier league for Almere City in the previous round is so surprising Roda JC of the Eredivisie had kicked. But on the stroke of peace gave the visitors a mental tap to process. Fabian Serrarens got the ball cleverly and Tarik Tissoudali tapped from close to the equalizer, for The County of: 1-1.


The decisive hit fell after 68 minutes. Almere-goalkeeper Chiel Kramer had an excellent rescue in the house at a level of Mark Diemers, but had then the bad luck that Serrarens exactly in the right place was to get the ball into the goal to frommelen: 2-1. Serrarens revealed himself thus to the great hero of The Superboeren, because also in the heenwedstrijd in Almere had the attacker already scored.

After a nerve-wracking final stage, the party could at De Vijverberg erupt. The team of trainer Henk de Jong returns next season after two years absence back in the Premier league.

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