Tears at goalkeeper after promotion Emmen

77ab50318c7f073c836b381c36c3ec9a - Tears at goalkeeper after promotion Emmen

The promotion to the premier league made Sunday a lot of loose at the players of FC Emmen. “I can not yet realize. It happens to me not often, but I just had to cry,” said goalkeeper Dennis Telgenkamp after the victory of 3-1 at Sparta Rotterdam.

Dennis Telgenkamp (r.) take coach Dick Lukkien on the shoulders

Emmen plays since 1985 in professional football and came never out at the highest level in the Netherlands. Telgenkamp: “Everyone craves here for so long. The club and the environment need this. This no one had expected. It will be difficult in the premier league, but that we see all.”

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Attacker Alexander Bannink made the third goal for Emmen. “This is the most beautiful day of my career,” he said. “With Emmen promoting is fantastic for me. I’ve always believed in.”

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