Suits-actor Rick Hoffman defends ‘funny face’ during royal wedding

b5683566aaa444f529c2c634853bdb01 - Suits-actor Rick Hoffman defends 'funny face' during royal wedding

Suits-actor Rick Hoffman has in an Instagram video answer to the question of why he was such a’crazy’ face pulled at the wedding of Meghan Markle and prince Harry. The bad breath of someone next to him would the actor have been derived.

On Twitter was ‘crazy’ face of the 47-year-old actor, who, along with Markle in the series of Suits played, a much-debated topic.

Suits co-star, Rick Hoffman being the “Louis Litt” and blessing us with the first meme from the #royal wedding 😂😂 #PulseNigeria


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11:35 – 19 may 2018

On Instagram explains to Hoffman that the bad breath of one of his neighbours was the reason that he so looked. “To respond to the messages about the weird face that I drew. Imagine that you are sitting next to someone – I don’t know who it was – that bad breath has. Hence, the face, which is now apparently on the whole internet to see,” says the actor.


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