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Steve Wozniak: Ethereum has the potential to be the next Apple

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Steve Wozniak is considered to be one of the Celebrities of Silicon Valley, which, from the beginning, to dare to comment on Ethereum, and the block chain technology and support. On a recent game took place on the conference comparing Ethereum with Apple because of his opinion, there are strong Parallels.

Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak is considered to be crypto-supporters, and particularly strong Fan of the crypto-currency, Ethereum. On the recently held conference in Vienna Wearedevelopers Wozniak stated that Ethereum will be, in his opinion, has the potential to be the next Apple.

Apple launched it, similar to Ethereum, a platform and has gradually driven the technical development of our time. Wozniak believes that Ethereum could play a similar role, and the crypto-currency world, including the block chain technology will affect (free Translation):

Ethereum is interesting to me because it can do very complex things, and because it is a platform. When we started Apple, our Apple 2 Computer a platform. Here is the entire documentation, Open Source is, how you can develop parts, look at the examples that we have made. How to develop Software, how to change the Software here. It was a platform for others, so that thousands of companies were founded.

This YouTube video shows the full Interview of the last conference and will start from Minute 7:11.

Wozniak has according to 1 Bitcoin, and 2 of Ether which he bought at a relatively early age. He is not a classic Investor, every hour of the courses followed in order to earn money, but he is impressed by the simplicity and security of the block chain technology. He called the block chain technology is the “next big IT Revolution is taking place”.

The course of Ethereum moves within the last 24 sideways, and recorded at the time of writing a Kurszwachs of 1.95 percent and is 590,99 Euro. The market capitalization is 58 billion euros. The next days will show whether the market can recover in the sum of the current negative trend.

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