Shooter used weapons of father, ten fatalities

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The suspect who is arrested after the deadly shooting at a school in Santa Fe, Texas is a minor student. During his attack, he made ten fatalities. There fell also ten wounded.

The boy that is picked up is called Dimitrios Pagourtzis. He would be a shotgun, a pistol and explosives. In addition to Pagourtzis there is still a second suspect by the police questioned. The teenager was Friday night already brought up, where he was officially in custody, was liable for murder. On the question of whether he is a court-appointed lawyer wanted, he replied in the affirmative.

Texas governor Greg Abbott said Friday that Pagourtzis for his attack made use of the armoury of his father. “I have no information whether the father was aware of was that his son these weapons had been stolen,” said Abott. The father of Pagourtzis would have the required wapenvergunningen.

The boy had been a student of the Santa Fe High School. He is a member of the American Football team. The American news channel CNN reports that Pagourtzis during his attack focused shot: peers with whom he has a good band, he left life, others he shot down. One of the victims of the perpetrator was his former girlfriend.

“Suddenly, we heard all kinds of drones, we thought that there is someone on the door at the pounding,” says a student of the Santa Fe High School at CNN. “We went there to see what was going on, and saw suddenly the shooter out of a classroom. When we realized that this really was happening.’

‘Born to kill’

The social media accounts of Pagourtzis have been removed. From screenshots that are currently circulating, show that he has a strong fascination for weapons would have. One of the last pictures that he has on his Facebook page put it was a T-shirt with the inscription ‘Born to kill’.

It is the 22nd shooting incident on a U.s. school since the beginning of this year, and the third in eight days time. President Donald Trump said Friday night at a press conference in the White House that the problem from the hand to the walk. ‘Unfortunately, I must again sadness and sorrow expressing about a deadly shooting at a high school in Texas,” said Trump. ‘This is already too long going on in our country. Too many years, too many decades.’

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