’Shooter Texas was in the class rejected by the girl

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SANTA FE – Dimitrios Pagourtzis, the shooter at the school in Santa Fe ten people to the life brought, it was a week ago in the class rejected by a girl that he date wanted. That says, the mother of the at the shooting killed Shana Fisher.

The 16-year-old Shana would have a week ago are resurrected in the classroom and Dimitrios have said that they do not date with him. They did that after the boy her become more and more aggressive and began to approach. “When she has him in class for ridicule”, says the mother.

The 17-year-old boy tried in accordance with the mother for four months of a date with Shana. The shooter would have previously created with a friend of Shana, writes CNN.

The authorities have still no statements made about the motive of the shooter. According to his lawyer, he makes a ’disoriented impression’.

The police made Sunday announced that the boy after the murder of ’lots of bullets’ on agents to open fire. He not only had multiple firearms on him, but also homemade explosives. According to the authorities, he wanted after the shooting to commit suicide, but he ventured that not.

Students were allowed to Sunday, in groups of ten back to the school to get their stuff to pick up. Here were many agents present.

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