Severely burned mom Dina Rodrigues under the knife

c037b7f5d61f17c184c7a8fe6fd8da38 - Severely burned mom Dina Rodrigues under the knife

A week ago there was a drama place: during a barbecue, became the mother of Dina Rodrigues is badly burned. She was immediately taken to the burns centre in Neder-over-Heembeek. The situation was serious because there were 3rd and 4th-degree burns is determined.

There is now good news, the mother of Dina is now out of danger and is to medium care. “Doctors say that she is very brave and strong woman and she fought for this to pass”, please let Dina know. “Next week she had surgery where they 4 the degree is burnt. This is terrible, there are no words for it, every time we see her, is that a cut in our heart . But we are very proud of her that she fought for her and for us.”

Given the state of her mother Dina decided to take her performances to provisionally cancel. “Mentally we have to be very tough, but we must be strong for her courage to give”, it sounds still.

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