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Scoring Hazard and rock solid Courtois give Chelsea the FA Cup against Manchester United

1d53f9c4dc74d338cac2ce76761d455e - Scoring Hazard and rock solid Courtois give Chelsea the FA Cup against Manchester United

He may also be in the topmatchen. Eden Hazard decided today the Cup Final with a vijfsterrenprestatie and a penaltgoal in Wembley. Thibaut Courtois made for the rescues, Romelu Lukaku and Marouane Fellaini started not for United. In his three-hundredth and possible last game for Chelsea proves Hazard that he is ready for the world cup.

No, a final for the history books was the Chelsea-Manchester United. This was, unfortunately, not Liverpool-Manchester City with two teams that each other with an open mind, bekampten. Antonio Conte (Chelsea) and Jose Mourinho (Manchester United) opted for a cautious approach with a low block and very little pressing. It was hardly surprising that the match at 1-0 ended – the only goal scored from the spot.

The Belgians played a key role in Wembley. Eden Hazard was the best man on the field and sowed constantly the panic in the defence of United. Thibaut Courtois kept with two crucial saves, the zero in the second half. But also when United turned it to the Belgians. Romelu Lukaku wasn’t fit enough for the match to begin, and continued nearly seventy-five minutes long on the bank. Of Marouane Fellaini was totally out of the question. United gave no information about an injury. It is possible that he his last game for the Red Devils already played, because his contract ends this summer and he may, on the interest of teams from Turkey and China.

The final began with plenty of fireworks and a brass band – not all of the RAF brass and fighter planes were deployed for the Royal Wedding. Wembley had the desire, but the party fell quickly when the ball rolled in. The only one that the fans on the edge of their seats was, was Eden Hazard. The Belgian got the first chance of the match, tried The Gea to outwit with a staircase on the left, but the Spanish goalkeeper reacted attentive with a beenreflex.

It would but delay. When Hazard another deep was played, talmde the Belgian initially to print. But it was United defender Phil Jones followed to lend a hand. He brought the playmaker down in the sixteen and the ball went on the spot. Manager Antonio Conte screamed for a red card for Jones but by the new rule that the “double punishment” ij big doesn’t allow for an error in the sixteen on the broken man, came to Jones away with yellow. Hazard put the team credentials and stay up to yourself. He looked at The Gea intently in the eyes to the Spanish top keeper the wrong way to send. Class of the Belgian.

Manchester United now had to take the initiative, but made nothing ready. Lukaku was sorely missed, and Paul Pogba played again a weak match. Also Alexis Sanchez was barely in the piece. With Lingard and Rashford on the field, it is striking how little José Mourinho from this sterrenelftal. In the second half it was the turn of Thibaut Courtois to his class to show. He picked off with two decisive saves. First, on a header from Chris Smalling, then Marcus Rashford. Alexis Sanchez scored from the rebound of the rescue on Smalling but the Chileen was offside.

With a big ten minutes to play fell Martial and Lukaku in. Brought Mourinho Lukaku not previously because they reckon that the Belgian may also have the extensions needed to play? However, Chelsea remained the better team. Hazard dolde with his opponents and got five minutes before time, a deafening applauswissel.

The three-hundredth game of Hazard may be his last. He gave earlier this week in an interview with the newspaper that he “is ready to learn new things to know”. Condition is, however, that there is a team willing to put the millions at Chelsea lay it on the table. Since yesterday is that chance of something larger. But just as well will be the opposition of Chelsea for the Belgian to keep grown.

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