Roddeloverzicht: ‘no problem,’ at Wes and Yo and Manuel conceals affair

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No problems between Yolanthe Cabau and Wesley Sneijder, Andre Hazes and Monique Westenberg are once again happy together, and Manuel Venderbos know affair no longer to conceal. An overview of the entertainment business last week.

In the world of showbiz, it seems hardly possible to have a relationship of standing. A huge wedding with fireworks, ten bridesmaids and a dress of thousands of euros is no guarantee that the marriage really until death and one child, or two, no guarantee that the parents stay together.

The fame, the attention, the money: all things that make it difficult for a couple to stay together. The reason an affair, the reason the busy schedules and then it is again a matter of communication problems. If you are famous, you know almost certainly that your relationship runs aground.

Wesley Sneijder and Yolanthe Cabau are now almost eight years of marriage and together have a son; Xess Xava. Also in their case that would be no guarantee for a happy marriage, because if we sources are to be believed, the two barely have contact with each other.

Last week, it appeared that the two “grown apart” hit and still barely see. Wesley sits in Qatar, and Yolanthe on every other place in the world, but not with her husband. Miami, Mexico, London and Amsterdam: together with Xess Xava see Yo the whole world.

None of this is true, this will insure Wesley us this week. “We are just as busy. I here, Yolanthe in America. We have in touch every day via Facetime,” says the football player of Al-Gharafa.

Private saw, however, more reason for a panic: Yolanthe bears now the name Sneijder on social media. A direct hint that her marriage is on the rocks is walked or did Yo just need some change? “Her name, she has a long time ago already modified,” says Wesley, but what is the reason then behind this is, I have no idea.

And yet: why missing Wesley now completely on the social media channels of Yolanthe? Since January, there is no pictures appeared of the two together, while Yolanthe yet picture after picture to share. And also in Wesley, the supply is meager: since February 14, missing Yolanthe on his Instagram.

Where there is smoke, there is fire, so the coming weeks will be Wesley and Yolanthe will be closely monitored by the gutter.

Sand, sea and sun

If Yolanthe and Wesley, despite the fact that nothing is going on, you still need something on their relationship to improve, André Hazes and Monqiue Westenberg still a tip: go with z’n twos to Mexico.

At the end of april it really seemed like never more good to come with the set. It was not so good, said André. “We both really suck, but that is how it is. I think there are just too many things happening. We have experienced so much in a short time. And I’m also maybe a little got lost in this world. I find my work life just a lot of fun.”

Last week came another story on top of that, André’t a affair opnahield with one woman, but two. Story wrote that there is a slightly older woman in the life of André was introduced and that in addition, there is still a younger girl would be where he can find it.

On social media could André can only smile at the story, and this week you hear there is no one about, because a miracle is again completely well between André and Monique.

The holiday to Mexico, that the two, despite their break-up wanted to do with their son, the relationship is particularly well done. On the photos that the couple shared was little to see of the break and now André has confirmed that the really good weather. “We pick up the thread lángzaam back.”

Provisional live, however, they are still not together. “Meanwhile, we go to another house, where we finally just again with the three of us are going to live. True, that just depends on what we for fun can find. It makes me not so much.”

Evil tongues claim now that the whole marital breakdown is just a myth, so the reality show of the bunch, just slightly higher ratings would achieve. “No, that is really not so. It would be really bad if you have a marital breakdown will be used for publicity. This happened to us and we have both learned from it.”


Manuel Venderbos, former EO-presenter, and now a television producer for RTL, was this week very bad for the block. He could a month ago it was still smooth to deny that he was having an affair, was there this week, no more.

Weekly Private caught the presenter on the act, with Spring Voorhoeve. The magazine wrote in april that the two get very well with each other might find it, but when was Manuel it is still down as a dirty gossip.

“This is a beaten sensatieverhaal. Crazy that this just can. The people involved know the real story. I feel not the need to respond to this ‘kwaliteitsblad'”, says Manuel at the time.

This week was different. The magazine photographed Manuel and Spring in Durgerdam, a hiding place, which is ultimately not secret enough it turned. Cut were the two on the screen, with the story of the photographer in question, who told us that Manuel is well-prepared on the road was gone.

“Manuel, we even cloths to have brought back, which he did to the inside of the car hangs to the outside world to hide what is in that car is going to play! What that is, guess. The two take plenty of time for their intimate lovemaking. If it is behind the back is, the cloth is folded together again and continue the two their tour,” writes the magazine this week.

The proof is there and so is the end of the affair in sight. Manuel wants to concentrate on his marriage and hopes the band of more than fourteen years to be able to save. Spring says in the meantime never to have known that Manuel still together with the mother of his children.

“To my knowledge, was his relationship before we started dating. After a time I doubted no longer. I’m in love with Manuel.”

Poor in Spring, poor Manuel. Or no, especially: poor Suzanne. Because what she knew of the affair of her husband? Is their marriage still be saved? We keep it in the holes.


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