Prince Harry and Meghan Markle married: the marriage of hour to hour

a04fd35be63f4ed54dc1bb74196e6258 - Prince Harry and Meghan Markle married: the marriage of hour to hour

The British prince Harry (33) promises Saturday eternal allegiance to the American Meghan Markle (36) to Windsor Castle, the woonkasteel of queen Elizabeth. What happens this day, all of them, and when? put all important events at a glance.

On the way to Windsor Castle

Markle by her mother Doria, who in the last days her daughter spent at Kensington Palace, accompanied in the car on the way to Windsor Castle. The two slept the night before the wedding together at the Cliveden House Hotel, while Harry and his brother William in the luxury hotel Coworth Park to sleep.

10.30 am – 12.00 pm: Most guests arrive

Most of the wedding guests arrive between 10.30 and 12.00. Members of the British royal family arriving later, from 12.20 pm. They go St. George’s Chapel, through the Galilee Porch, and come on foot or by car. Prince Harry and his brother William are around 12.45 pm expected.

12.55-12.59 pm: Queen Elizabeth arrives

According to the protocol arrives queen Elizabeth as the last of the royal family. Around this time is also Meghan Markle.

13.00: Wedding ceremony in Windsor Castle

The couple gives each other at 12.00 pm local time, so 13.00 hours Dutch time, the knot in St. George’s Chapel (where Harry was also baptized) at Windsor Castle. The ceremony is from 12.15 pm Dutch time is broadcast live by the NOS.

Markle would by her father to the altar to be escorted, but after an incident with staged photos and a heart surgery, he decided not to the marriage to come.

At the ceremony, more than 250 members of the British armed forces present. Also the streets around Windsor Castle will be filled with soldiers. Prince Harry has a special relationship with the army: he joined in 2006 in the service of the Blues and Royals, and served more as an Apache commander in Afghanistan.

The service takes is expected to be an hour.

14.00: Tour)

After the ceremony makes the couple a tour) in a carriage through Windsor. In that way, like Harry and Meghan as many people as possible involved in their marriage.

The tour) takes approximately 25 minutes.

15.00: Reception

The two give then a reception in St. George’s Hall at Windsor Castle.

20: 00: private party

The few leaves Windsor Castle for the evening. Prince Charles gives the evening around 20.00 pm a private reception in the Course House.

Bridesmaids and witnesses

Meghan Markle has no bridesmaid because she couldn’t choose from her close-knit group of friends, said Kensington Palace. All her friends are present at the wedding, but have no official role. Harry has his brother William, with whom he himself was a witness, as a witness asked.

Guest list

The guest list for the wedding has about six hundred names. Political heavyweights such as prime minister Theresa May, leader of the opposition Jeremy Corby and the American president Donald Trump, are not there. According to sources, his only direct family members and close friends invited because of the size of the chapel and because Harry is not in the direct line of succession to the throne.


The set will not start on the honeymoon, because a week after the wedding, the first official occasion is planned, where the two made their appearance. Last week it was clear which event: the garden party in honor of the seventieth birthday of prince Charles. Then they go on their honeymoon.


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