Orange under-17 beating Italy after penalty shoot-out and win CHAMPIONSHIPS

463c6ef33b01d56a67176a4b51460881 - Orange under-17 beating Italy after penalty shoot-out and win CHAMPIONSHIPS

Orange under-17 Sunday for the third time in the history of the european CHAMPIONSHIPS won. The promises of coach Kees of Wonders knocked in the final in English Rotherham the peers from Italy after penalties.

That were needed after regular time 2-2. The Timber opened just after the rest of the score. Italy came through fine hits by Samuele Ricci and Alessio Riccardi, however, out of the nothing ahead. Substitute player Brian Brobbey made the match via penalty shoot-out was decided.

In the series was goaltender Joey Koorevaar the luminary. The keeper of Feyenoord stopped the deployment of Nicolo Armini and Edoardo Vergani, after which Ramon Hendriks the decisive penalty, touch his lap.

Previously had Orange also after a penalty shoot-out between Ireland and England won. In 2011 and 2012 was Orange all the best at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS under-17. That first edition had players like Nathan Aké, Karim Rekik, Memphis Depay and Terence Kongolo.


Orange started out well in the final. Within twenty minutes played, the team of Miracles, four good opportunities with each other. In particular, Ryan Gravenberch was dangerous.

The midfielder was particularly after a quarter of an hour close to a goal. His shot ended up, however, on the lat. A minute later, was his slider, a prey for the Italian goalkeeper. Also the third attempt, following his departure to chelsea was not in. He got his foot presses against a rebound, which came from a free kick.

Halfway through the first half took Italy the initiative. Manu Emmanuel Guabuaa even had the opening goal on his shoe, but the midfielder stumbled on Koorevaar.

The same keeper occurred just before half-time with an extreme effort that a changed direction shot of Ricci, the aim ended up. Koorevaar tapped the ball just over.

Six minutes of peace came to Orange on edge. That was earned all the way, somewhat happy. Timber got the ball with what fortune of Daishawn Redan, and his shot through a Italian leg in the corner ended up.


Italy seemed to have started and excelled particularly in the production of hard violations. After an hour came to the team, however, out of nothing, is at the same height. The hit of Ricci, however, was beautiful. The midfielder passed Koorevaar with a shot from distance, and is beautifully in the top corner ended up.

Two minutes it was 2-1 and once again, it was a match of great beauty. Now, it was Riccardi who with a shot from distance goal hit. The captain curled the ball out of the reach of Koorevaar.

Orange gave is not won. Seven minutes before time, provided a substitute Brobbey with a intikker after a beautiful cross from PSV’Mohammed Amine Ihattaren for the 2-2.

Despite some good chances for the Orange, including Brobbey, was in regular time not scored. Penalties were therefore for the decision ensure. Koorevaar putting two bets, and then Hendriks the decisive penalty within the lap.


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