Of Wonders: ‘Players Orange under 17 have the lionheart’

e0406ea9f7c9b852273e295af9d47840 - Of Wonders: 'Players Orange under 17 have the lionheart'

Coach Kees of Wonders of Orange under 17 could during the won the european CHAMPIONSHIP final against Italy, no moment of quiet to sit on the bench. The ex-Feyenoorder saw his team after a penalty shoot-out, grab the cup.

Orange gave to the English Rotherham a 1-0 lead from the hands. Italy took two nice hits in the lead, but thanks to Brian Brobbey was still the same. In the penalty shoot-out remained Orange without error, while goalkeeper Joey Koorevaar two Italian betting stopped.

It was already the third penalty shootout in a row that Orange managed to win. In the quarter-finals was Ireland in that way, kicked out of the tournament, a round later, it was England from eleven meters the lesser.

According to Of Miracles, there is not really a secret to success. “It’s just a matter of practice,” he said Sunday at the press conference. “We have our routine: take your time, choose your angle and stick with it.”

The former midfielder knew on the basis of the training which players are the best their nerves in check could keep. “On this basis, we have our list compiled. That is our only secret.”


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