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Norwegian Central Bank is considering introducing their own crypto-currency

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After the last year, the introduction of a Central Bank-based crypto-currency through the media has always been denied, there are for this year seems to be a fundamental paradigm shift. Many States have already announced a Central Bank-based crypto-currency. This idea is currently being examined by the Central Bank of Norway Norges.

Some countries have introduced crypto-currencies, or are on the verge of either to avoid economic sanctions and the resulting Inflation, or to use the advantages of crypto-currencies for their monetary system.

As we already reported, the Swedish Sveriges Riksbank is currently a competition in the crypto projects can participate to qualify for a national crypto-currency. Stellar lumen as well as IOTA are in the finals and are in the closer selection.

The study paper of the Norges Bank takes that cash use is falling steadily and therefore, a simple and safe Alternative to issue their own crypto-currency could be a (free Translation):

A decline in cash consumption has prompted us to think about whether to be required at a later date a number of new features for an efficient and robust payment system and trust in the monetary system is important.

The present study examines two different types of models. The first model is constructed based account, where the accounts are subject to as well as the transactions of the Bank.

The second model sees the crypto money on debit cards and Smartphone to store applications (Apps). Here, the Bank would have less influence and can not directly intervene in the payment cycle.

The Bank also maintained that a Central Bank-based crypto-currency must have the same value as a Norwegian crown, so that no fluctuations occur and a stable value. There is no clear decision has been made when such a project could be implemented in reality.

However, the expiration occurred in the previous Research, any problems that would stand in the way of a realization. It remains so at the present time to be seen when such a project is actually in Norway realizations.

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