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News for IOTA, partnerships, staff, and the list

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The IOTA Foundation has done in this month much. After the Launch of the Ecosystems IOTA announced a new partnership in the IOT area. In addition, there are also internal, as well as on the crypto market movement.

The crypto-currency MIOTA and the IOTA Foundation around Dominik Schiener knew since the beginning of the project in the last year almost only one direction: upwards. April ended with the Berlin-based Start-up, however, with a small shock. You could announce a time, churning out new partnerships, such as with VW or Bosch, turned away now to a business Partner. The Centre for Blockchain Technologies (CBT) of the University College London (UCL) announced that it would no longer be consistent with the Start-up.

The may have however, for IOTA, not a better start. On the day of the work, the developer announced the Launch of the new IOTA Ecosystems. The platform is aimed at developers, and to feed there ideas and selected observers. Support by funds from the IOTA Ecosystem Developing Fund is possible. This Fund was specifically created for the IOTA Ecosystem.

On to new Shores

Last week, the company was able to expand his range of collaborations. The Foundation announced the collaboration with the, a leading platform provider for IoT (Internet of Things). The partnership is focused on the location of the platform of connect io with the Distributed Ledger technology is Open Source Foundation. According to the press release of the the combination of Blockchain technology and the Internet of Things is the introduction of tamper-proof, and paid-for readings from the smart sensor data to support. This is intended to to provide healthcare providers and chain delivery company.

In the area of security, the next message from the home of IOTA is in may. The company announced this week a new addition to his Team. Andrea Villa, self-taught in Computer Hacking, taking over tasks in the area of system administration, information security, and networks. During his career, Villa in different roles: as a specialist for Cloud architecture, Devops and, in particular, as a Senior Security Consultant for renowned clients worldwide.

With Huobi has added a further international used crypto-Exchange IOTA in the series of crypto-currencies, which are listed on your. The trading pairs IOTA/BTC, IOTA/ETH and IOTA/USDT are now on the Exchange available.

The month of may, so not too bad from the point of view IOTAs. Let’s see how this will impact in the long term, the IOTA course.

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