“My daughter pointed this out to him when he is more aggressive. A week later, he opened fire.’

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The suspect of the schietparij in the Santa Fe High School has confessions made. In the meantime, try those involved, the motive of the student to find out. “It is simple: teachers should have guns” sounds again among politicians.

One of the students who last Friday was shot and killed during a shooting at a high school in Santa Fe (Texas), would the shooter a week ago have rejected. That report her mother to the American newspaper Los Angeles Times. ‘Dimitrios Pagourtzis (de schutter, ed.) kept my daughter harass with romantic allusions and continued advances. “It took about four months. When he was more aggressive, my daughter rejected him in the classroom and make him look ridiculous. A week later, he opened fire and the first that he doodschoot, was my daughter.”

The mother told how she knew that her daughter is the first fatal victim would have been at the school.

‘Quiet, sweet, smart boy

In total fell Friday ten killed and thirteen injured when the 17-year-old student opened fire in the school building. Several students testified in the U.s. media how the shooter ‘woehoe’ and ‘surprise’ heard shouting as he people are shot down. The police could the 17-year-old, who was in possession of weapons and explosives, ultimately arresting.


When the teenager Sunday morning confessions, gathering, sent his family through a lawyer, a statement to the next of kin. ‘Dimitrios was a quiet, sweet, smart boy. We understand this themselves. We are just as shocked and confused as everyone else at this moment. We are very sorry. Our prayers and our condolences to all relatives and interested parties.’

It remains to guess at the motive of the shooter, which a lifetime imprisonment risk.

Armed teachers

In the meantime, a debate continues about the arming of teachers again, just like after the shooting in Florida. The vice-governor of Texas, Dan Patrick, pleaded during an interview with CNN for the arming of all teachers.

‘In addition to the call that I want to launch to parents to use their weapons safely stored in a closed environment, we need teachers weapons. If there is in Santa Fe High School more armed people had been, then had one of them the shooting might occur, ” says Patrick, who believes that teachers should not hesitate to take an armed student shoot down. “When you’re faced with a shooter, then, is a weapon the best way for that gunner to stop. But it’s even better when four or five guns shooting against one arm of the shooter.’

The massacre in Santa Fe brings the number of shootings in the United States this year to 22.

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