Mourinho will season United have not failed in the case of loss in FA Cup final

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José Mourinho doesn’t believe that the season Manchester United failed, as Saturday is also the last chance to win a prize is not redeemed. The manager meets his former employers Chelsea in the final of the FA Cup.

Although a defeat at Wembley is a big disappointment for Mourinho and United, wants the coach the result of one match does not make it larger than it is.

“Obviously it does matter or you the season closes with bekerwinst or without a price, but that does not determine whether the season has passed or failed,” says the Portuguese. “If my analysis make, I do so not on the basis of one – admittedly very important – competition. That affects my opinion, absolutely not.”

“You can be on your way, but I analyze the season in my own way. I look at the work that I have have stopped and what we all have done at the club. I judge my players on one game. Not really.”


Mourinho knew the FA Cup one time and win. In 2007, calculated with Chelsea against Manchester United. The Londoners won the final when after extra time with 1-0, but we got after a lot of criticism on the conservative and a little entertaining style of play.

On the question of whether he is this time again the ‘bus park’ at Wembley responds Mourinho if stung by a wasp. “I understand nothing of this question,” said the Portuguese. “Is a 6-0-result is entertaining? I don’t think so.”

“Football is for me only amusing if it until the very last minute is exciting, when all sides in the can, everyone on the edge of his chair and the tension in both dug-outs to cut. That is entertainment for a soccer and I think that we are going to get to Wembley.”

State of service

Mourinho shakes Saturday afternoon Chelsea colleague Antonio Conte, the hand in the knowledge that the Portuguese in terms of finals a a lot larger record of service; his Italian ‘rival’ still waiting for his first cup and lost last season from Arsenal.

“But what, in the past we have done plays no role”, emphasizes the ‘Special One’. “Our statistics are not on the field. It is eleven against eleven.”

The kick-off at Wembley on Saturday night at 18.15 hours.


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