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More expensive tea: Pu-Erh Coin from China

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The Chinese authorities arrested the six-member Team of the PEB. The company had issued a Coin that should be covered by a certain quantity of the precious Pu-Erh tea. During a search of the premises it is, however, not nearly enough tea to cover the issued Token.

The Pu-Erh tea from China is one of the best teas ever. According to Chinese medicine, the tea brings the Yin and Yang of the people in line. Its effect is waning as the cleaning described, he and detoxifies the body. In addition, he should not only soothing, but also help you lose weight. The maturation and fermentation process of the delicious leaves can take months, even years – that is, among other things, what makes him valuable. You try the search engine of his trust, you will soon be on offers, in which 100 grams of Pu-Erh teas-250 Euro cost – at the current rate good and happy times of 0.5 Ether.

These properties of the precious brew was now a cheater is to Use gang from China. According to the local media Guangdong Daily, the Chinese police have detained six individuals have cheated with a Cup of tea-to Coin a total of 3,000 investors of 47 million US dollars.

Cover the Coins could not be guaranteed

The project of Pu-Erh Coin existed since 2017. The possession of a token should ensure that you should take him to a certain amount of valuable tea trade. According to PEB, the company had deposited a large amount of it – billions of US dollars should be the Deposit value.

After the search of the space of the PEB disillusionment came quickly. You could just find a “very small amount” of the tea in the stock of the company. And although the company had promised high returns with low deposits. With their own supply of tokens, the company had manipulated the price. Since you are not able to ensure the coverage of the Coins, you now have at least a fine to the house.

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