Lava from Hawaii volcano reaches the ocean and causes corrosive gas mixture

While the interior of Hawaii still lamb by volcanic activity, the first lava from volcano Kilauea to the ocean is reached. And that brings new dangers with it.

The Hawaiian Observatory for Volcanoes (HVO) stated that the first lava Saturday night, the ocean reached. The combination of lava and seawater is a corrosive product produces, that of hydrochloric acid and volcanic gas particles to the air.

‘Laze’ may cause irritation to lungs, eyes and skin, but is in the past already fatally proved. ‘It is a hot and corrosive mixture of gases that, in 2000, two dead demanded’, says the HVO.

Seriously injured

The emergency services is recommended for all users to get as far as possible, to stay away from places where lava the ocean flow in. Not self-evident, because in the interior camps of people with other problems due to the volcano Kilauea which is very active. This is the first severe cases: a man who was hit by lava, was wounded in the leg.

For next day or even several volcanic eruptions and earthquakes predicted. Also from different gorges, and spray lava.

Buildings destroyed

In the interior of Hawaii are about 40 buildings destroyed by the lava flows. ‘Now changing the composition of lava, ” says CNN meteorologist Allison Chinchar. ‘The mass is now lopender, which makes them faster moving.’

The lava flow is also noise, says resident Ikaika Marzo. ‘It’s like ten or twenty aircraft at the same time taking off in your backyard. It is hellish, as a continuous grenades go off. The whole community is not very good.”

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