Jack and Lisa Osbourne go separate

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The marriage of Jack and Lisa Osbourne will soon be over. Lisa has Friday the scheidingpapieren in the court filed, know The Blast.

Jack Osbourne and Lisa Osbourne go off each other

The son of rocker Ozzy Osbourne is six years married to Lisa Stelly. The couple has three daughters. The youngest, Minnie, was in February of this year was born. “Hi all, meet Minnie! She is the newest member in my meisjesgroep”, wrote Jack at that time with a picture of Minnie.

Lisa gave birth in april 2012 of daughter Pearl. In August 2013, announced to the couple that their second child was on its way, but not much later Lisa had a miscarriage. Their second daughter, Andy, came out in June 2015 in the world.

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