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Israel: Tel Aviv Stock Exchange to rise on the Blockchain

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The Israeli stock exchange, Tel Aviv Stock Exchange uses in the future, the Blockchain. Together with the company, Accenture and The Floor of the stock exchange is currently working on a Blockchain solution. You want to optimize the trading of securities.

Bitcoin’s Blockchain, Yes please! As in so many other countries, in Israel, at least in the stock market – the Blockchain – technology positive. While the tax authority is going on for some time against the trading of Bitcoin and for that, among other things, Social Media channels are searched to find a dealer that thinks the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange is currently a Blockchain solution to optimize processes in Finance.

The Israeli stock exchange plans to develop, according to the press release, is a credit platform. By means of power men are superfluous will help you to use the Blockchain technology to make the transactions within the stock market more efficient. In addition, trading in the securities to be so in the future. Based on the Hyper Ledger-Protocol:

“The Blockchain technology will offer a new Level of security in the value of paper-trading, and the growth rate in the case of transactions increase. Without a doubt, the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange is now more than ever, at the forefront in terms of Innovation in the financial sector“,

Ittai Ben-Zeev, CEO of the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange says.

Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and Accenture want to use Smart Contracts

For the technical development of the company Accenture. You want of all Contracts a Smart use for the planned platform. So, the automatic execution of the policies should be guaranteed within the platform.

“We are very excited to offer our expertise and capacities in the areas of the Blockchain and the financial markets, and the Fintech Ecosystem of this extraordinary collaboration. This project will contribute to the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, an innovative End-to-End solution for your Business, security and technology-needs a powerful new paradigm“,

Jacob Bendita, Managing Director of Israel, Accenture says.

The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange is a private organization. To your 12, Israeli banks, 3 foreign banks, as well as 13 brokers are involved.

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