IS warriors leave the stronghold in Damascus

56a276586c7401448cfa68bed5a5a88b - IS warriors leave the stronghold in Damascus

BEIRUT/DAMASCUS – A group of fighters from Islamic State on Sunday morning evacuated from the last rebel stronghold in the Syrian capital, Damascus. It reports the Syrian Observatory for human Rights.

Syrian state media mention still no word on an agreement that the militants would allow the enclave around the Palestinian refugee camp of Yarmouk to leave.

With the return of the enclave Yarmouk will the Syrian government is the last besieged rebellenbolwerk in the west of Syria have recaptured, although parts of the territory to the borders with Turkey, Iraq and Jordan are beyond its control continue.

According to the Observatory, the buses, the enclave after midnight, entered to the fighters and their families to evacuate. They left in the direction of the Syrian region of Badia, a sparsely populated area east of the capital.

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