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“I want a contract of at least two years at the Mercedes F1 team”

189d99a38023d0343bc1643fea94b53f - "I want a contract of at least two years at the Mercedes F1 team"

Valtteri Bottas his contract with the Mercedes F1 team at the end of this season. The Fin want this time with nothing less than a contract of two years are satisfied.

Bottas was the beginning of 2017, somewhat surprisingly, the switch from Williams to Mercedes. The Fin was still under contract with Williams, but Mercedes bought Bottas away from Williams to Nico Rosberg suddenly to be replaced. The German decided, after all, totally unexpected for a few days, after getting his world title in the F1 to say goodbye.

When Mercedes got Bottas only a contract of a year. The renstal wanted to be her “options open for 2018”. Bottas made a good impression, won three races, captured four poleposities and finished third in the championship mode. More than enough to have his contract extended. Big question is however, what happened with Bottas will happen after the current season.

Bottas is in the same situation as last year: a contract of only a year that already at the end of this season ends. The Fin would like to stay with Mercedes, but still, for at least two years.

“I would like to join the team, and hopefully for a long time,” said Bottas, as opposed to ‘Motorsport’. “That is my goal. As long as I keep performing as I have this year have done then it would be okay.”

“I’ve just about always annual agreements. I would also like to agree, for example, the next two years to know what I will do,” concluded Bottas.

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