Glennis Grace is ’madly in love’

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Glennis Grace is up to her ears in love, she tells Friday night with News. Whoever it is, she would not reveal, but there are suspicions to who it goes to.

The singer today announced that they participated in America’s Got Talent, what they are incredibly exciting thought. “I stood there for Simon Cowell, Mel B., Howie Mandel and Heidi Klum and was bloednerveus.” But at the moment they are about tells, she glows, and, upon request, issue Glennis also: “I am insanely in love with, he’s there!”.

In the meantime came the singer on Thursday with her new single Walk on Water, a love song about an impossible relationship. Or the stores on her own new love? According to News would be the man that put her in fire and flame do, that is very well the sixteen years younger guitarist Lévy (23) from her band. The large age difference – about a month Glennis forty – would, according to them, also may be the reason that they are not yet it wants to reveal.

They want to have children

Earlier rumors about a possible relationship between the two, by the guitarist to the present is denied. And of Glennis Grace, we will not hear. The only thing that they are about release: “He is half Dutch.” And if he is the true turn out to be, then put them with him like a next step. “A desire to have children, I have anyway very much.”

Also on Instagram is no trace of the man in Glennis’ life. The young guitarist only comes in for a photo in november last year, in which she wrote: “With these two rascals last night we had a gig done at the Concertgebouw Amsterdam.” The left ’rascal’ on the photo is Lévy.

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