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Ghent avoid the barrage, after winning at Club, Anderlecht swings with thuisnederlaag

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The cloth is cases. Champion Club Brugge has the season ended with a never fun thuisnederlaag against AA Ghent, a farewell in a minor for Timmy Simons. Ghent had the victory, however, essential to the fourth place to secure because Genk demonstrated on the field of Anderlecht (1-2). For example, a Standard sufficient for a draw on the field of Charleroi (0-0) to qualify for the preliminary round of the Champions League.

Club Brugge had the feestmiddag against AA Gent will undoubtedly change proposed. The festivities in advance – say goodbye to Timmy Simons, the Golden boot by Ruud Shaper and the Ebony Shoe of Anthony Limbombe – had, however, the concentration of the Team is not weakened. Club started sharp but I got it with AA Gent a motivated opponent opposite him. Gent absolutely wanted the fourth place secured, and that it could take to perform well than Genk to Anderlecht. Especially Kubo showed himself to be industrious. The Japanese ran well between the lines and when he was on the half hour perfectly through the offside trap was efficient, he knew no mercy: 0-1. It was quiet in Jan Breydel.

Also after the break, tried to Club the defeat to stave off and increased the pressure towards the goal of Lovre Kalinic. That gave the Team some corners, but really shooting skill could referee appointments, suggested not to create. Ghent continued to lie on the counter. Kubo could decide the match but he met with Horvath and the ball on the crossbar fell. Club appeared to acquiesce in the defeat. Timmy Simons had six minutes for affluiten his last applausvervanging, scoring was done, already got Jelle Vossen is still a very good kopkans. It could be the ‘ fun only a partial print, even the after eighty the very best for the first time at home not to score. The Bruges family was ready for a long evening and night.

Racing Genk went on the field of Anderlecht without complexes looking for the victory, the only way to get AA Gent over to stitches and the fifth to avoid. Who fifth ends, after all, an extra-match play against the winner of the final Playoff 2 – Zulte Waregem or Lokeren – with a ticket for the qualifying rounds in the Europa League as a bet. Trossard made quickly for the first warning. He dolde the Anderlecht-defence, and scored the governed. The Genk party was, however, not by. Prior to the dribble of Trossard was Samatta indeed offside. The VAR handle in, referee Van Driessche consulted the images and approved the goal, and rightfully so, for being offside. Delay, no adjustment. Dries Wouters picked up a dropped ball, looked around and turned the ball with a lot of feeling over Sels. The Anderlecht crowd murmured and that was there two minutes later on, when Trossard through the purple and white defense walked and governed graduated.

Also the coffee seemed to Anderlecht hardly inspiration to yet again Teodorczyk the flame in the pan chased after good preparatory work of the young Saelemaekers. Genk started hoping to play football but Anderlecht did not find the drive to Genk hard to make. Only a free-kick from Trebel cared for the danger, but Vukovic handle fitted in, what he also did on one in favour of the Teo. Genk kept without too many problems stand, the Anderlecht-audience left disillusioned the stadium. Unfortunately, for the People had their victory, not to AA Gent of the fourth place to push.

Standard wanted certainty about participation in the preliminary round of the Champions League and did well to win on the field of Charleroi. However, the slightly injured Mehdi Carcela on the bank. The seasoning was sorely missed but still had the better opportunities initially for Standard. Mpoku headed home the opening goal almost against the ropes but Penneteau saved handsome. A volley of Emond found the Hainault goalkeeper on the road. On the other side, however, what partitions and one not to miss this opportunity. Rezaei intercepted a back-pass from Cavanda, slipped to Baby that however incomprehensible missed. Sa Pinto took the rest and brought Carcela in for the invisible Carlinhos. But also Carcela got the Liege motor not to work. That was also not necessary.

Also Charleroi dragged to the end of the match, there was no longer scored. Standard to the qualifying round of the Champions Legue, and there was Sa Pinto proud of. Bekerwinst and a second place, Standard has ever worse performance. The Standard-supporters celebrated their coach when they learned of the defeat of Anderlecht.

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