French director indicted for rape

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PARIS – The French film director Luc Besson (59) is by a 27-year-old woman indicted for rape. That report French media. The woman would Friday have registered, but that was only Saturday night known.

The woman, her identity not yet revealed, says that she and Besson acquaintances of each other and in two of the movies have worked. The incident would be reported to be in the night from Thursday to Friday have happened in a luxury hotel in Paris. The director, women would have drugged and then raped while they are unconscious.


Besson says the allegation against it. According to a lawyer, “fell Besson of his chair with astonishment” when he was on the indictment heard. Besson recognizes that she was his wife, but denies everything. The director is especially known from the films The Fifth Element, Lucy, Tasks, and I Love You Phillip Morris.

The Italian actress Asia Argento, who the American film producer Harvey Weinstein accuses due to sexual violence, has said that more abusers will be exposed. They alluded to it that there are people in-between would be that Saturday night at the Cannes film festival were present at the closing ceremony of the film festival in the French city, where she made her ruling. She named no names.

Argento accuses Weinstein that he her during the Cannes film festival in 1997, has been raped. The actress was 21 years old. According to Weinstein voted for Argento at the time in the sexual contact. She received an ovation for her final remark: “Even tonight, there are guilty parties among you, for their behavior against women responsible need to be held. You know who you are, but the most important thing is that we know who you are, and we will no longer allow you to agree to come.”

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