Flemish-Dutch Girl and big success at Cannes

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The Belgian film Girl on Saturday night, awarded the Caméra d’or, the prize for the best debut film of the year at the Cannes film festival. The Caméra d’or, in addition to the Palme d’or, the prize for the best competitiefilm, as one of the most important prizes at the festival.

Victor Pad plays the lead role in Girl.

It was not the first prize that Girl in the awards. Previously won the drama about a young transgender that ballerina wants to be, all of the Queer Palm, the award for the best LGBT film at the festival, and the prize of the international film critics. In addition, award-winning, the jury of Un Certain Regard the 16-year-old protagonist, Victor Pad.

Girl appeared earlier this week to one of the great discoveries of the festival. After the first screening was followed by a standing ovation of over ten minutes. Girl is co-produced by the Dutch company Topkapi Films. The camera work was done by the Dutchman Frank van den Eeden. The sound design and mixing are done by the renowned Dutch company WarnierPosta Amsterdam.

The director is the 26-year-old Lukas Dhont, that Girl makes its debut. A lot of critics at the festival had the Saturday aloud why his debut is not in the Palm-selection is included. Dhont wrote his screenplay after being in a newspaper an article to read about a 15-year-old transgender who is a balletopleiding wanted to do. “That story affected me so,” said the Belgian director, in an interview. “That the teenager not only has the courage to say: I’m in the wrong body born. But that they chose to be a ballerina to be, the epitome of femininity. I found her immediately as a heroine and decided: if I ever get the chance, a feature film, this on this subject.”

Distributor Cinemien brings Girl by the end of 2018 in the Dutch cinemas.

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