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First guitar with which ‘electric’ Bob Dylan toured, sold for 495.000 dollars

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The first electric guitar that Bob Dylan toured, and that the transition marked from a folk to an electric sound, is Saturday sold for 495.000 dollars in New York. The auction was in the sign of rockgrootheden.

The guitar, a Fender Telecaster 1965, was owned by Robbie Robertson, the guitarist of Dylan. Eric Clapton and George Harrison used the guitar even after Dylan, says auction house Julien. The guitar was estimated at 400.000 à 600.000 dollars.

The guitar that characterizes the transition from the Dylan of folk songs as ” The times they are a-changin’ to that of electric songs like ‘Like a rolling stone’. It is, however, not to the guitar that Dylan played during his famous concert at the folk festival in Newpork in 1965, where he was jeered by folkfans that the ‘electric’ Dylan would not hear. For that guitar, a Stratocaster, it was in 2013-965.000 dollar paid.

There went Saturday other famous guitars under the hammer. The first electric guitar of George Harrison, a Hofner Club 40, went for $ 430,000 to the door. A Fender Telecaster from tropical wood, which in 1968 was made for Elvis Presley brought using 115,200 dollars. For a brightly decorated belt of Elvis, which he wore at a concert in Hawaii in 1972, was 354.400 dollar paid.

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