Family shooter Texas ’upset’

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SANTA FE – The parents of Dimitri Pagourtzis, the boy who is going to be a bloodbath havoc on his school in Santa Fe, his “sad and dismayed.” That they say in a statement they have issued through a law firm.

“We are just as shocked and stunned as everyone else. We are grateful for what his fellow students have said, that Dimitri is a smart, sweet boy. We still don’t know exactly what happened, but what we in the media have heard is not consistent with the boy of whom we love. We await the outcome of the investigation before we comment further”, said the family of the shooter.

They wish the victims a lot of strength and thank all the emergency services for their efforts.

The seventeen-year-old boy shot Friday ten people dead on the school and injuring another ten. According to the Texas governor Abbott wanted the shooter to commit suicide but dared he not. Pagourtzis gave himself ultimately to the police.

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