End of life of a peasant for his wife Agnes?

6a53950a586f3692e555074451d8795f - End of life of a peasant for his wife Agnes?

Bad news for his wife Agnes, known from Farmer wants a Wife. After they tried everything to get her cow, she got bad news from the minister.

His wife Agnes was lucky enough to be in love, but suffers if woman huge setback

That she told RTL. “We still had a little hope that we the 180 cows were able to keep, for which we had built. But last Wednesday, we have a message from the minister that it is fully covered.” Earlier she spoke to her care. “Financial is the to here. If the situation is as well, than it is by the end of 2018 also end Agnes and the farm.”

And the end of a long struggle, which has already started in 2015. When did the popular farmer’s wife from Farmer wants a Wife already know are heavily in debt stung to have to invest in a state of the art barn where they have more cows lost could. But by new legislation, if Agnes is not more cows stables and gave them to the barrels, so for nothing. When she described all of the worst scenario. “That is the bank the power cord pulling out and we have a sign with ‘sale’ in the garden.”

Still, Agnes fight. “Because I have a little voice in my mind, and I, that says: we come in through here. As I grew up, that I allow my children and grandchildren soon, hopefully.”

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