‘Earlier Orange (17) shows that in the Netherlands there is enough talent’

65bf07a9609190bfe91055aabbc6a3e3 - 'Earlier Orange (17) shows that in the Netherlands there is enough talent'

Coach of Orange under 17 Kees of Wonders is that the achievement of the european CHAMPIONSHIPS final proves that the Netherlands has enough talent. Orange fight Sunday night with Italy to the european CHAMPIONSHIP title.

For the first time since 2014 is Orange under 17 again in the final of the european CHAMPIONSHIPS, in 2011 and in 2012 did the Netherlands win the tournament. “The current group is very versatile, is well-designed and has potential,” says the coach who is working on his third year with the youth team.

“I had not necessarily expected the finale would get, but one hopes, of course. With the team we have at the beginning of the season, made some arrangements about our purpose and the most important is individual development.”

“Placement for the EK was our teamdoel and when we won, we wanted to seriously compete for the title”, says the 49-year-old coach.

The team with captain Daishawn Redan is the european CHAMPIONSHIP in England without defeat through. In the group stage were Germany, Spain and Serbia defeated. Both in the quarter-final against Ireland as well as in the semi-final against England had a penalty to bring the decision.

“Of happiness, I do not want to speak, but it must be the good side to fall on, and that has happened,” said Of Miracles. “We have penalties been trained and there are clear agreements.”

‘Large’ Orange

The question is, how many talents Of Wonderens team the Orange will pick up. Of the teams in the 2011 and 2012 European champion, a number of players Memphis Depay, Tonny Vilhena, Terence Kongolo, Jetro Willems, Karim Rekik in 2011 and Nathan Aké, Riechedly Bazoer, Jorrit Hendrix and re-Vilhena in 2012) A-international.

But a few other promising talents of the past are in the year 2018 not even a professional footballer.

“Yes, that is striking. We have also thought about that”, says Of Miracles. “I think that the problem lies in the path ahead. The players should be challenged and the big stage get to be better.”

“A platform to compete at the highest level to play, is the most important. Players would perhaps already should have the opportunity to participate in a higher team, to compete under pressure to play.”

“The talent is there, but it is now going to the good area. There should be enough of a challenge and they should critically be approached,” says the coach.

“The players continue to develop, the competitions more intense. Maybe there should be a small switch of mindset to come in handy and should focus more on the result than on the good of football”, analyses Of Wonders.

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In Dutch (youth)teams had been cared for football before perhaps more important than the result. The last years there is a change in and the Orange (17) of Of Wonders is an example of this.

“We can’t just enjoy football and not worry whether we win or lose,” says the coach.

“It starts with awareness. The will to win and the guys are aware of. The behaviour is therefore an important indicator. The team must be a unit; with z’n all to defend and with z’n all to switch.”

Orange under 17 won the last two meetings (in march 2017 and march 2018) with Italy, but of a role according to Of Miracles, no question.

“Italy has real toernooivoetballers and a close-knit team. I therefore expect that it will be a exciting match will be, in which my team again everything of themselves in top need to pick up.”

The final of the european CHAMPIONSHIP under 17 in Rotherham begins Sunday at 19.15 hours.


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