Dutchman wants to Cannes conquer with filmbier

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Producer Maurice Schutte from Amsterdam had more than six hundred bottles of beer taken to the Cannes film festival. He she is after almost two weeks, almost all lost. On the label all the information about his ambitious project, Space-Beers; a 10-minute prologue for the planned feature film should be finished next year.

Maurice Schutte (right) in Cannes

Together with his screenwriter shared Schutte the bottles of so-called Space-Monkey, brewed by Two Chefs Brewing in Amsterdam, the past week and a half off on drinks and during discussions with potential financiers. The idea emerged in the past year. “You want people excited for your plan,” he explains. “To think of something original, remember people see you faster.” For the prologue, the Dutchman 3 tonnes required; of this he has now two-thirds have been found.

The plan with the beer bottles seem to work, already performed with the festival organiser this year’s new, stricter safety rules. Bottles and glass are now prohibited in the corridors of the ’palace’, where many marktbijeenkomsten take place. “That was a small disappointment,” acknowledges Schutte. “But we keep up our courage. There was celebrations and receptions outside the complex where there is also plenty of potential financiers around.”

Universe save

The planned speelfilmversie of the English-language Space Beers are going to tell about a number of Scottish come on an evening to be chosen to the universe to save the day. One of the scenes takes place in an intergalactic bar; this scene is the prologue, with a bit of luck, has its world premiere at the Imagine festival in 2019. “We have all the artwork already done”, says Schutte, who in recent years worked as a tv producer, eager. “We want boundaries to push and show that we are this kind of projects, just can make in the Netherlands. There are animations, animatronics and dolls.”

For the speelfilmversie will the makers of 12 million euros should be averted. Schutte acknowledges that for a while. “But as the short version as good as we hope, it becomes a lot easier to get people excited for a longer version. You can continue to call you your dreams come true want to create, but the only way to achieve something is through your shoulders and actually have something to do it.”

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