Dost, a few days after hooligan attack in cup final with Sporting

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Bas Dost is there with Sporting Lisbon failed to get to the cup win in Portugal. Five days after the striker and his teammates by hooligans were attacked, was Aves with 2-1 too strong for Sporting.

Dost ran into during the attack, a head injury and doubted openly whether he still wanted to play. The recently off-duty international standing – with a huge plaster – however, just to kick off.

Except Dost also received, among others, coach Jorge Jesus and several other players fold. The hooligans expressed their dissatisfaction about the lack of the title. More than twenty attackers have now been arrested.

Sporting didn’t exactly make a good impression. Already after a quarter of an hour took Aves through Alexandre Guedes the score. The striker was in the 72nd minute for 2-0.

Only after that goal pushed Sporting really. Dost became soon the pole, then Fredy Montero a few minutes later is accurate.

In the hectic final stage, put the Sporting a much. It delivered a lot of rumbling on for the purpose of Aves, but scored was not.

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