Dispute between Spain and Catalonia heats up

85a774abb1bf807ccbf060b4dd8b28b5 - Dispute between Spain and Catalonia heats up

BARCELONA – the dispute between the Spanish central government and the separatists in Catalonia is again flared after the last decisions of the new regiopremier of quimper and lor Torra. He had Saturday various separatist ministers appointed in his cabinet who are in custody or have left the country after the banned referendum on independence in October 2017.

The conservative government of Mariano Rajoy, said in a communication to a “new provocation”. The Spanish government, that Catalonia, in the framework of the prohibited referendum under guardianship had made, it would be the only body that has jurisdiction for the appointment of ministers.

The newspaper El País wrote on Sunday that Rajoy has made clear that, despite the election of a new Catalan president, article 155 of the constitution on a provisional basis will continue to apply and that the central government’s control over the region wants to maintain in the light of the latest developments. Actually, it would by Spain appointed directors automatically terminate with the arrival of a new regional government.

Torra had Rajoy, a few days ago sent a letter in which he asked him for a meeting and dialogue. “The desire for dialogue has exactly 24 hours long,” says the communication from the government.

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