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Crypto Paradise island with its own government and its own crypto-currency

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A country or city-state with a liberal government not stämmt currencies against Crypto, but the opportunities and the potential of block chain technology, looks, and sounds like an absolute dream for every crypto-currency enthusiasts. In the island nation of French Polynesia there is a project that is exactly this desire to implement the idea.

Already at the beginning of this year, the project “Floating Island was called project” to create a island with it’s own crypto currency, its own government and own laws. The company Blue Frontiers is working with the government of French Polynesia closely.

This project is a pilot program that is an island with 300 homes in a private sea zone to build up. Here is a own crypto-currency should be the name Varyon used for all domestic transactions. The comments of the announcement, ICOs lead exactly those reasons why crypto currencies should be used in the future (freely translated):

A Central structural feature of the current government models of centralization. Too much centralized authority leads to inefficient bureaucracies and representatives, which are separated from the people they are supposed to serve. Given a suitable technological solution, the governments decentralisation, and it is ready. This technological solution seastading.

Varyon is a ERC20-Token is based on the Ethereum Blockchain. Varyon is a General-purpose token to be used for the exchange of goods and services in the Ecosystem of the Blue Frontier.

This YouTube video explains all facets of the project in Detail:

Mezza Garcia in an Interview to CNBC that the project was the perfect incubator for a new libertarian idea of States and governments (freely translated):

This means stability outside of the fluctuating geo-political influences, trade issues and currency fluctuations – it is the perfect incubator.

The next months and years will show how this project developed, and this new belief will find a few more stragglers.

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