Control: ‘Vitesse peaked at the right time’

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Edward Control with a satisfied feeling on holiday. As the interim head coach, he led ‘his’ Vitesse into European football.

Edward Control gets the job done with Vitesse

“I’m glad this season is over. It took tons of energy, especially because I made the team in the last phase of the season had to take over,” said Control, after the final win of the play-offs against FC Utrecht (5-3). “I have a lot of meaning in the holiday, especially because this season we now have to close.”

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The clubleiding of Vitesse pushed assistant trainer Control at the beginning of april to the fore when Henk Fraser was fired. The Arnhem-based club threatened the play-offs to lose, but put under the direction of Control, a strong set down. “We peak at the right time. Four played, four won. Then you are the deserved winner of the play-offs.”

Four days after Vitesse in Arnhem the first game with FC Utrecht had won, triumphed in the team of Control also in The Galgenwaard. “It was a great fight. Utrecht we knew in the second half-giant in trouble. But with some improvisation and hard fight, we have a good result is achieved.”


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