Conte sows doubt on future

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He stays at Chelsea or will Antonio Conte’s way?

Antonio Conte celebrates after won the FA Cup final

Also after the won the final of the FA Cup kept that question unanswered. “If you’re used to each season’s champion to be, and that I was, as a season for problems,” said the Italian manager. “But I still have a contract and I feel connected to this club.”

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The 48-year-old Conte led Chelsea in his first season to the English title, as he previously three times in a row, champion had become with Juventus in Italy. This season, performed the team of Conte, however, disappointing in the Premier League. Already for months there are rumors about a possible break.

“That speculation began after our first defeat of the season against Burnley,” said Conte. “I am a coach of a big and important club in the world. It is logical that the club a lot of me demands. We have a tough season, but I’ve also shown that I guarantee sta for prices. This FA Cup will give me great satisfaction. Now I will go with the clubleiding talk about the future. I will make any decision to accept, positive or negative.”

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