Congo start vaccination campaign against dengue fever virus

b20d3108bf300272ffce7d594d406571 - Congo start vaccination campaign against dengue fever virus

In the equatorial province, in the northwest of Congo, Monday a vaccination campaign to start against the dengue fever virus. That made the Congolese government known.

Approximately six hundred people will get the vaccine, after they directly or indirectly had come into contact with the disease. “It’s in the first place to health personnel, persons who came in contact with sick persons, or persons who were in contact with those who were in contact with sick people’, explains the spokesperson of the Congolese government, Flory Kabange.

Partners such as the world health organization promised to 300,000 vaccinations to Congo. How long the surgery will last, according to Kabange unclear. The government confirmed that they already 5.400 vaccinations received.

The Congolese government spoke also against possible isolation measures against the Congo. She is satisfied about the quality and speed of response’. Kinshasa made Friday a plan, known to the epidemic ‘with national scope’.

In the recent balance sheet, the government Friday, noted 43 cases registered. The world health organization had the same day about 45 cases, of which 25 have died.

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