Comedian Ronald Goedemondt ‘completely changed’ by fatherhood

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Ronald Goedemondt is completely changed by fatherhood. The comedian, who is the father of a four year old son, until he has a child got preoccupied with self.

“When my son was born, there went out a door in my heart that I didn’t know it existed. It sounds like a disgusting cliche, but the way it feels. I love nobody more than of this man,” said the comedian in a conversation with the AD.

Until four years ago was Goedemondt preoccupied with self. “You feel as a comedian the center of the universe. Since birth, I know that I not am important. And there is something in its place that is very rich.”

The comedian is doubted in the past not only to the paternity because he opzag against the responsibility, but also because he was afraid that his son or daughter him not would like.

“Weird huh? My friend said: ‘Where are you now afraid?’ “Well, that I with a child is stuck I don’t have to,” I replied desperately. Stupid, of course. Stores make no sense at all.”


The name of Goedemondts son is not known to many and the comedian also has no pictures of his child on social media.

“I separate that strictly. Of course, he will be confronted with what I do. If people on the street with me like on the photos, was surprised he somewhat. But about two years there will be a huge question mark over that head.”

Goedemondt is, incidentally, not impressed by his fame. “People come up to me that” Hey Javier…’ (Guzman) crows”, in perspective he.


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