Britt Dekker injured after car chase

570e037e8400e1f4ca4861f6f8275abf - Britt Dekker injured after car chase

Britt Dekker on Sunday, injuries hit during her participation in the Ladies GT during the Jumbo Days on circuit park Zandvoort. The vlogster got in an accident, glass in her eye, as she describes herself on Instagram with a picture which they by paramedics being helped.

Britt Dekker

Britt reached in spite of her collision the finish line. “As a 14th start and then at a given moment, 1 of the last laps I was third!”, she writes. “When a collision, and got the whole window all over me so there is just a piece of glass out of my eye is removed. Ultimately, fourth place! Tomorrow’s racing, hopefully not too much problems with my eye.”

The Ladies GT did various well-known women. Also, among others, Gwen Gates, Olcay Gülşen, Kim Feenstra, Barbara Barend and princess Laurentien appeared at the start.

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